Please read the terms and conditions of use carefully before using this website. The use of the website implies the acceptance of the following terms. If for any reason you do not unconditionally accept the terms of use, please do not use this website. is the property of the sole proprietorship MOURELATOS ROBERTO-DIMITRIOS (hereinafter business) and the distinctive title Rusty Hook based in Avlidos Beach, 2nd Dilesiou Street. is the online store of the company Rusty Hook and provides its users with the opportunity to be informed about fisheries, countryside, marine sports, diving and beach (hereinafter referred to as products), and enables them to be purchased. sells these goods using the technology and the low operating costs offered by the internet, to offer to everyone customers its products at the best available prices.

Intellectual Property

The entire site, including photographs, images, text, graphics, source code, databases, designs, news, illustrations, software, applications, services and all kinds of files and content, is the intellectual property of and / or its licensors, after obtaining the necessary permission from them to post on the website, and is governed by Greek, European and international intellectual property provisions.Therefore, reproduction, republishing, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, translation, modification in any way, in whole, in part or in summary without the prior written permission of the proprietor / holder is expressly prohibited. Exceptionally, the sole storage of a single copy of the content of the website on a simple personal computer is allowed, only for personal and in no case for public or commercial use, without prejudice in any way the relevant copyright and industrial rights. property. In this case, the deletion of their indication of origin from is explicitly prohibited. Also, any images or logos and insignia representing third parties, as well as their products or services, are exclusive trademarks, protected by their respective trademark laws. Their appearance on should in no way be construed as a transfer and / or assignment of their license and / or right of use.

Obligations of Users

The use of must be done for exclusively legal purposes and in a way that does not restrict or impede its use by third parties. Users of are obliged to use this website in accordance with these terms and not in a way that causes damage or malfunction to it affecting its proper and orderly operation.

Users can, if they wish, create an account to make purchases of the products available on the website, to monitor and check the history of their orders and benefit from exclusive privileges.

Alternatively, each user has the opportunity to make purchases of the products available on the website, as a simple visitor – without creating an account ( account).

Privacy Policy collects Personal Data only when creating an account or when ordering a product and only if the visitors – customers wish it. The personal data you state and your preferences are not sold or rented to third parties. The purpose of the collection of information is purely advertising or is part of the smooth processing of an order. Your personal data is kept on the one hand to cover you in case of product failure under warranty, as well as for any legal issues that may arise between us. reserves the right to send to its registered users and customers, informative emails with offers and new products. Users can cancel their registration at any time by clicking “Unsubscribe” in the email sent to them or send an email to [email protected] stating that they wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter. cooperates with ACS and other transport companies. For the smooth processing of your order, is obliged to enter in the packages of its customers personal data concerning the shipping-delivery process (Name, Address, Phone, etc.). bears no responsibility if this information is used by third parties.

Promotional Campaigns – emails

Newsletter with Offers – New Products

From time to time sends informative emails to registered users and customers. You can cancel your registration at any time in the two ways listed above.

Automated Emails

Order Development: sends automated information emails to customers who have placed an order. With these messages you are informed about the progress of your order. They are part of the smooth ordering process and there is no way to deactivate. If you do not wish to give your email, you can place your order by phone at 22210 39334.

Promotions: sends automated promotional emails to visitors of the website who have declared their email in any way. These messages are inextricably linked to the visitor’s activities on our website (such as adding products to his cart).

Discount Coupons has the ability at its discretion to offer discount coupons to registered users and customers.The redemption of the coupons is done during the submission of the order, by pressing the corresponding option for entering the code. By selecting “Use coupon”, the offered discount is automatically deducted from the total value of the order.

  • Coupons are strictly personal and non-transferable.
  • Only one coupon can be used per order.
  • Each coupon can be used only once.
  • Each coupon is valid for 6 months from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated on the coupon.
  • The coupons can only be used on the website and are not exchanged for money, services or products in the physical store.

Website Use Selectivity-Minor Protection

This website is not intended for minors. The services and products of the website are intended only for adults over eighteen (18) years. Therefore, adults are required by law to protect underage internet users who may have access to our website. is not responsible for any use of this website by minors and the consequent purchase by them of products available on her.

Product Purchase-Payment Method-Return Policy

The products posted on are presented with retail prices including VAT. In addition to the retail cost, each user / customer pays the shipping cost, when it exists, the amount of which will be notified before the final submission of his order. If the user / customer chooses delivery with a transport company, the cost of transport is notified by the transport company itself after consultation between them and is paid upon receipt.

The company can modify the prices of its products. Any modification will not affect existing orders that are being processed or shipped.

Payment for the products can be made in one of the following ways: credit or debit card, PayPal *, bank deposit or cash on delivery *. After the completion of the order, an e-mail will be sent to the customer confirming his order, which will include the selected payment method.

*We accept payments with PayPal and cash on delivery for orders up to € 200. If your order exceeds € 200, you can choose an alternative payment method.

Upon receipt of the product, the customer is responsible to check if the packaging is intact and if the condition of the products received is the desired or there are any obvious problems or defects of the product so as not to lose the rights under the law on defective products .

If the user / customer after receiving the order wishes to return a product the company follows a policy regarding the returns of products sold through its website which is in accordance with European and Greek consumer protection legislation. In this case the customer will be able to return the product within (14) fourteen calendar days from receipt as shown by the statements of the transport company from which he received it. The product to be returned must be in excellent condition and in intact packaging and not used. In this case, the customer bears the shipping costs to the company.

No refunds will be given for any product if its packaging has been used or altered in any way. In case a product proves to be defective it is subject to any warranty of the company that produced it and the responsibility for repair and / or replacement belongs to it.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Users agree that the use of the website is at their own risk. Indicatively and not restrictively, the company does not make statements and guarantees of non-violation or the absence of hidden or other defects of accuracy or the absence of errors whether they are recognizable or not. The company therefore disclaims any responsibility regarding: a) errors, inaccuracies or loss of the content of the website and / or the posts of the users, b) any damage resulting from the use of the website, correct and / or not, c) unauthorized access or use of the server to the personal data of the users , d) any interference, destruction, restriction and / or interruption of the Website services; use the website, e) viruses, trojans horses, malware, adware or other malicious code that may be transmitted by the Website or any third party using, has used and / or will use the Website, f) any mistake by action or omission as to the content, and / or for any loss or damage resulting from the use of that content. Also, the company does not guarantee the availability and / or price stability of the products available through its website. The provision and / or offer of products for sale on this website is not considered a subscription and / or recommendation by the company for the respective goods.

The use of this website implies the use of the Internet which is a means outside the jurisdiction and control of the company. Therefore is not responsible for any delays, failures, interruptions, or damage to any data or information related to it. Subject to a different mandatory regulation from the applicable law, in no case will the company be liable to the users on the basis of any legal reasoning concerning special, accidental, caused, imposed as a penalty or for example damages resulting from the use of the website yet and whether the company is aware of the possibility of causing such damage.

The users of the website explicitly accept that the company, as a reseller of products that it is, is not responsible in any way and for any reason for problems that may arise with the quality and / or functionality of the products it markets. Therefore, the company is not responsible in any way for actions, omissions, errors, warranties, claims, violations, negligence of its suppliers and / or for injury, death, property damage, other damage, expense that may occur from the above. Also, the company does not give any guarantee for the items that it trades, the guarantee of which is borne exclusively by their own production companies. Based on the same reasoning, the lack of availability of the products that appear on the company’s website does not burden it with any responsibility and / or obligation towards its users.

The use of this website is made with the unconditional agreement of the users that the company can not be considered responsible in any case for any and any direct and / or indirect, additional and / or ancillary, positive and / or negative damage due to the above use even if the company is aware of the potential for such losses.

Cookies uses cookies to identify its users, ie small files that are automatically created on the hard drive of users’ computers when they visit the website. ΤThese files may contain information such as which websites users visited or how much time they spent on them. In no case are they harmful to users’ computers. Users have the option to disable them from their browser if they do not want to use them. In this case, however, they may not be able to use the services of the website.

Links may post regular links or links to third party websites or websites (affiliates and / or advertisers) at regular intervals ). The availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of these websites are not controlled and therefore we are not responsible for www. for the provision of these services. In no event may the company agree or accept the content and / or services of these websites or websites, and / or in any way related to those referred to by the links posted on its website.

Applicable law

Rusty Hook is a Greek company and therefore its operation is governed by Greek, European and international law. In case of dispute or dispute between itself and any third party or third parties responsible for resolving it, the substantive courts of Chalkis are appointed unless the company itself chooses otherwise. For any eventual and / or subsequent dispute, dispute or dispute, the Greek judicial system will be responsible, whether it concerns the trial or the arbitration / mediation between the parties. In particular, for matters relating to a dispute or dispute relating to the internet, the general rules of Greek Civil and Criminal Procedure, as well as of Public and International Private Law, will apply.


The terms and conditions of use of the website are formulated in Greek. Therefore, in case of discrepancy between the Greek text and any translation, the Greek text shall prevail.