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Aluminum Beach Sunbed

Four-split Frame: Aluminum Tube Ø22 / 19mm Fabric: Textilene 1x1 Dimensions: M190 x W58 x Y25cm

EasyLazy Inflatable Sunbed

It inflates very easily in a few seconds! With a few simple movements let the two chambers fill with air. Then wrap tightly (usually needed 7-8 times) and secure with clips. You can use it as a lounger or as a sofa. Extremely light, packed in a small case with shoulder strap (dimension 37x13cm), to have it everywhere with you. Ideal for the beach, the park, the garden, the pool and wherever you need moments of relaxation. Dimensions (inflated): 180 x 80 cm Color: Blue, Pink, Black, Orange, Blue, Green

Mattress – Sunbed

Dimensions: 165 x 54 x 38 cm Material: 600D Polyester Metal frame 13x0.9mm Color: Blue, Orange

Mattress – Sunbed

Dimensions: 165x55x40cm Material: 600D Polyester Frame: Metal 13x0.9mm Two pockets with zippers Conveyor belt Color: Blue, Pink, Orange, Green

Metal Polycanvas Sunbed

Frame: Metal Φ22cm Fabric: Polycanvas Dimensions: W187 x W56 x H27cm

Metal sunbed

Frame: Metal Ø22cm Fabric: Textilene With pillow Dimensions: 187x56x27cm Color: Blue, Ecru

RIBBED Aluminum Sunbed

Frame: Aluminum Ø27 x 1.2mm ribbed Fabric: Textilene 2x1 Dimensions: 188x58x30cm With pillow Color: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Beige, Blue-White

STANDARD Aluminum Sunbed

Frame: Aluminum Ø22cm Fabric: Textilene Dimensions: 187x56x27cm