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300ml water Repellant Spray

Waterproofing for clothing. Suitable for all waterproof and breathable fabrics, eg fleece, jackets, ski suits, raincoats, hats, gloves, etc.

Durable Water Repellent 300ml

It is applied by spraying and restores waterproofing. Prevents wear and removes water, oil and stains. The waterproof coating remains after washing and dries in the air. Designed for use on technical fabrics such as eVent, NeoShell and GORE-TEX. Formula without PFOA and PFOS.

Seam Sure 60ml

Water-based urethane formula, dries quickly. Suitable for sealing seams in synthetic and breathable fabrics. When dry, it becomes a transparent, flexible, durable film with an almost invisible and non-glossy finish. Washable, suitable for dry cleaning and resistant to freezing / thawing conditions.

Shoe Wax 100 ml

Waterproof and preservative skin wax For all shoes made of full grain leather. Contains 100% natural ingredients: Vegetable oils, animal fat, beeswax, carnauba wax & lanolin. Suitable for shoes with breathable membranes such as GORE-TEX® and GORE-TEX XCR®.

Silicone Spray 150ml

Package 150ml Silicone spray for lubrication and maintenance of rubber parts and accessories

Tent Sure 250ml

Tent floor sealant Odorless water-based urethane coating. It dries quickly and becomes a flexible and long-lasting film with an almost invisible and non-glossy finish. Use Tentsure to waterproof stage floors, stage walls, seams, raincoats, etc.

Tent Water Proofer

High performance tent waterproof Helps the equipment recover its waterproofing, leaving a dry, non-sticky surface. Also useful as a light lubricant and protector. Suitable for: Tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, fishing equipment, zippers, inflatable boats etc.

UV Tech 250ml

UV protection of equipment  

Waterproofing Spray

Shoe waterproofing Specially designed for suede, leather and fabric shoes. Offers waterproofing without darkening or smoothing the surface. Ideal for shoes with Gore - Tex and Gore-Tex XCR

Zip Tech 2 x 4.8gr

Package 2 tubes of 4.8gr High performance lubricant for waterproof zippers.