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ACTION chair

Frame: Metal Ø16mm Fabric: Polyester Oxford Seat dimensions: 46x46cm Seat height: 41cm Back height: 32cm Color: Blue, Green

Action chair with arms

Frame: Metal Φ16mm Fabric: Polyester Oxford Seat dimensions: 52x52cm Seat height: 41cm Back height: 48cm With arms and glass case Color: Blue, Green, Beige

ACTION Deluxe chair

Frame: Metal Ø18mm Fabric: Polyester Oxford Seat dimensions: 55x55cm Seat height: 42cm Back height: 47cm With arms and glass case

ACTION Textilene chair

Frame: Metal Ø16mm Fabric: Polyester Oxford + Textilene Seat dimensions: 45x45cm Seat height: 32cm Back height: 40cm With arms and glass case

Agua Trolling

Weight: 50gr, 80gr, 100gr Price per piece

AJI Hook

Ideal for the fishing of sea breams Package: 20 pieces Color: Black Nickel Size: 1/0, 1, 2, 3, 4 *Hooks are smaller as the number ascends

Allround rod case

19,00 21,00 
Material: Nylon 600D Shoulder strap Capacity up to two rods rigged with their reels. Outer pocket Velcro strap for transporting additional equipment Dimensions: 135xΦ15cm, 155xΦ15cm, 175xΦ15cm

Aluminum Head Lamp with Zoom

Brightness: 300 lumens With zoom Batteries: 2 Rechargeable lithium 18650 (not included) Dimensions: 4.8 x 4.8 x 6 cm Weight: 198 gr 3 functions: High-Low-Flash  


For surfcusting fishing Weight: 100gr, 125gr, 150gr Price per piece

Apico rig with treble

Apico rig with treble    

Aquasonic ABSOLUTE 420

47,80 50,00 
Telescopic, very light surfcasting rod. Made of Carbon with wedged guides and metal cap at the bottom. Category: Casting/Sufcasting Length: 4.20m Casting weight: 80-150gr & 100-200gr Sections: TELE


76,50 87,50 
Excellent spinning rod, very light and with fast tip response. Made of excellent quality Carbon. With solid porcelain guides. Reel support inside the handle for a better feel. Category: Spinning Length: 2.20m & 2.40m Sections: 2 Casting weight: 25-50gr

Aquasonic BRAVO Apico

10,00 44,00 
Telescopic Apico rod , very light and pleasant to use. Category: Apico Length: 3.00m, 4.00m, 5.00m, 6.00m, 7.00m, 8.00m, 9.00m Casting weight: 5-20gr Sections: TELE Color: Yellow, Orange, Green


51,50 76,50 
Telescopic Apico rod , very light with immediate peak response. Made of Carbon with metal cap on the finish. Very comfortable to use. Category: Apico Length: 6.00m, 7.00m, 8.00m Sections: TELE Casting weight: 5-30gr

Aquasonic CORMORANO 168

Excellent rod for trolling with very solid construction of one section. Extremely durable double bearing laminated guides, glued and tied. Special construction base with reinforced metal alloy extremely light. Made of quadruple carbon with excellent mechanical properties. Designed for the demanding anglers. Category: Boat Length: 1.68m Sections: 1 Weight: 450gr Casting weight: 30lbs

Aquasonic CORMORANO 270

Telescopic rod for Surfcasting that helps long throws. Very careful construction from excellent materials with reinforcements at the ends and double bearing guides. Non-slip plastic bottom plug and polymer holding material. After fishing it is easily stored and transported. Category: Casting/Surfcasting Length: 2.70m Sections: TELE Casting weight: 120gr

Aquasonic CORMORANO Carbon 420

Ideal rod for surfcasting. Made of high quality Carbon with dual bearing guides, coated, heavy duty. Reinforced support base and metal finishing cap. Category: Casting/Surfcasting Length: 4.20m Sections: TELE Casting weight: 80-180gr

Aquasonic CORMORANO Carbon Tenya

68,60 73,00 
A rod ideal for tenya fishing. In this fishing, thin tools of exceptional strength are used, so the equipment must be proportional. Quite a sensitive tip for direct contact with the strike. Excellent nailing response and capable of fishing large fish. Category: Tenya Length: 1.80m & 2.10m Sections: 2 Casting weight: 120gr

Aquasonic EAGLE CARBON Apico

38,70 57,80 
Telescopic Apico Carbon rod, very light, strong and extremely durable. With aluminum caps and non-slip handle. Category: Apico Length: 6.00m, 7.00m, 8.00m Casting weight: 10-40gr Sections: TELE

Aquasonic ENERGY

18,90 20,90 
Trolling rod made of Fiberglass. Fast and very light in the hand, 2 sections. Guides with double support, tied to the body. Category: Boat Length: 1.50m, 1.65m Casting weight: 8-15lbs Sections: 2 Color: Yellow, Orange

Aquasonic Maru

19,00 24,00 
Excellent rod for trolling and boat fishing. Category: Boat Length: 1.00m, 1.25m, 1.50m Length closed: 1.00m, 1.25m, 1.50m Sections: 1 Casting weight: 40-100gr

Aquasonic PEGASUS IΙ

18,00 24,50 
Casting rod for general use, light and durable with anti-slip handle. It has reinforced guides and you can easily put on and off the reel. Category: Casting/Surfcasting Lenght: 2.70m, 3.00m, 3.30m, 3.60m, Casting weight: 40-80gr Sections: TELE Color: White, Yellow, Orange

Aquasonic THUNDER 420

48,60 49,90 
Rod for surfcasting, made of excellent carbon, very light. With heavy duty double connection guides, tied and coated, metal cap at the end. Category: Casting/Surfcasting Length: 4.20m Sections: TELE Casting weight: 80-150gr & 100-200gr