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Anti-Fog Spray 60ml

Detergent with strong anti-glare long lasting Suitable for cleaning and anti-glare application in diving masks, cameras, lenses, ski masks, sunglasses etc. Also ideal for hockey masks, paintball, telescopes, binoculars, night vision cameras etc. Not suitable for swimming goggles or contact lenses. Non-toxic, biodegradable and does not contain alcohol or silicone.

BC LIfe 250ml

Packaging: 250ml BCD cleaner and preservative Cleans and maintains all types of BCD Removes salt and chlorine crystals from BCDs Safe for all parts of diving equipment Eliminates bacteria

Goggle Bright 60ml

High performance anti-glare protection In a convenient package Long-lasting blur-free visibility on all types of goggles Suitable as a general anti-glare and lens cleaner for glasses, ski masks, hockey masks, paintball masks, telescopes, night vision goggles, binoculars, etc.

Mirazyme 250ml

Packaging: Container 250ml Biodegradable product for the neutralization of odors which acts with a completely natural formula. Ideal for clothes, diving suits, life jackets, tents, backpacks, gloves and neoprene socks etc. It penetrates the pores of the fabric or other material and neutralizes the smell in a natural way.

NeoSlix 250ml

Special lubricant for easy, fast and safe entry and exit of the diving suit.

Pro Talc 100g

Packaging: Container 100gr Light, odorless talc, made from high quality French chalk. Helps maintain rubber parts (latex / rubber) Facilitates entry into the watersports suit

Sea Buff 37ml

Special diving mask pre-cleaner. Removes silicone residues. Offers clearer visibility under water. Removes dirt, algae, mold and other residues that affect the performance of anti-glare.  

Sea Drops 60ml

Anti-glare liquid for diving masks, ski masks etc. Does not damage silicone or rubber parts. Non-toxic and biodegradable

Sea Gold 37ml

Long-lasting anti-glare protection. Quick and simple application. Safe for glass and plastic lenses. Does not damage silicone or rubber parts. Not recommended for swimming goggles.

Silicone Grease 7g

Packaging jar 7gr Silicone Grease Lubricates and maintains rubber products, such as seals and other parts of regulators or valves. Silicone Grease offers deep, long-lasting maintenance on rubber surfaces.

Silicone Spray 150ml

Package 150ml Silicone spray for lubrication and maintenance of rubber parts and accessories

UV Tech 250ml

UV protection of equipment  

Wet Suit & Dry Suit Shampoo 250ml

Package 250ml Cleaning shampoo for uniforms and neoprene equipment.

Wet Suit & Dry Suit Shampoo 5L

Packing: 5L Cleaning shampoo for uniforms and neoprene equipment.

Zip Tech 2 x 4.8gr

Package 2 tubes of 4.8gr High performance lubricant for waterproof zippers.