The following payment methods are available to choose the one you want:

By debit, credit or prepaid card: accepts all VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express (AMEX) and Diners cards. Payments are processed following the latest European directive PSD2. We meet all payment security standards and help protect our customers’ data.

Via PayPal:

If you have a PayPal account and you trust transactions through it, then you can choose this payment method when completing your order. Alternatively you can send your payment to the address [email protected] stating your order code and / or your name. Our store does not accept orders worth more than € 200 with the Paypal service. For orders over € 200 please select one of the other payment methods.

By deposit in a bank account:

Choose from the bank that serves you and deposit the final amount collected in the basket (along with shipping costs). After completing your order online, you must deposit the total amount in the bank account of the company within three (3) working days. When filling in, please fill in the order number and / or your name.

Viva wallet: GR0370100000000536220399272

Alpha Bank: GR9801402440244002340009180

For your convenience, if you wish, you can send us the payment receipt by email to [email protected] or inform us by phone about your payment at 2221039334. The sending of the order will begin as soon as your payment is confirmed in the account us.

Cash on delivery:

You can pay for your order with cash or card upon delivery of your products, to the courier distributor. This service is offered at a cost of € 2.00 and is available for orders up to € 200. If your order exceeds € 200, please choose one of the above payment methods. There is no possibility of cash on delivery for orders sent through a transport agency.