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Attach for Casting Reel

Length - Inner Diameter: 13.0cm - 22mm & 13.6cm - 18mm

Bait Needle

Needle with hole Dimensions: 10cm

Bait needle 3308

Perforated bait needle Thick, Sharp Dimensions: 18cm

Bait needle 3309

Perforated bait needle Thick Dimensions: 18cm, Φ1.0mm

Bait needle case

Dimensions: Φ10mm/ 25cm

Bell alert

0,30 0,50 
Single or double With chemical light reception

Elastic rings

Size: 1/10-18mm & 2/16-25mm


1,00 1,20 
Floats for rigging Package of 5 pieces Size: No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 The floats are bigger as number ascends

Hand Caster with foam

1,50 1,80 
No1: 15.5 x 4cm No2: 17.5 x 4cm

Leeda Icon Wrap Rests

6,50 7,00 
Wrap rests for rods from Leeda 2 pieces. Length: 17cm & 22cm

Ocean Ruler Glue

Powerful glue for gluing jig heads with soft lures… and more! Package: 20ml

Oceanic elastic thread circle

Very strong elastic thread Suitable for shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, sardines, mussels etc. Package: 200m

Oceanic Impact Shield (Bait Clip)

Αccessory, suitable for Surfcasting fishing Holds the bait hook and releases as soon as it comes in contact with water.

Oceanic JIG feathers

5,70 6,50 
Feathers for sarda Package: 5 τεμάχια Weight: 3gr & 7gr Color: Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Black

Oceanic Lead Max Clip

Lead Max Clip in package of 10 pieces.

Oceanic Rod Band

For the safe transportation and storage of our rods. Packing: 2 pieces

Oceanic Spare Feathers

Plain feathers in envelope for trolling, sabiki rigging and assist hooks. Color: White, Black, Blue, Yellow

Plastic Buoy Small

High quality and durability plastic Accepts rope 100m/2mm Specifications: Height 20cm, Max diameter 8cm Color: Orange

Robinson Tube set

Set with small tubes of different diameters For match fishing techniques

Round floats

1,00 1,20 
Round floats for rigging Package of 5 pieces Sizes: No3, No4, No5 The floats are bigger as the number ascends

Silicone Tube Set

Diameter: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8

Slingshot for groundbait

2,50 3,00 
No 1 - 16Χ10cm - plastic bucket No 2 - 20Χ14cm - fabric bucket

Spring Feeder

0,50 0,80 
Weight: Without weight &  With weight 20gr