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Crab for octopus jig

0,80 1,00 
Size: Small (8cm), Medium (10cm), Large (12cm)

Dragonfish Broad squid jig

1,70 1,80 
With a nail for bait Size: Small, Large Color: Inox

Dragonfish Wire Squid Jig

1,80 2,00 
Squid jig with bait case. Size: Small (Double Hook) & Large (Single Hook)

Oceanic Broad squid jig

1,70 1,80 
Single - double hooks Length: 15cm & 20cm Color: Inox

Oceanic Crab

1,00 2,30 
Spare crab for octopus mounting Length: 7cm, 9cm, 11cm, 15cm

Oceanic Crab Octopus jig

4,00 7,00 
Octopus tile with weight tile with built-in two hooks. Length: 12cm, 15cm, 17cm, 19cm Color: White, Pink, Phosphor

Oceanic Metal fish

0,90 1,10 
Metal fish suitable for rigging our prakaroles and octopus jigs. Length: 10.5cm & 15cm Color: Inox

Oceanic Octopus jig Crab 3D

Designed from soft silicone Built-in double hook passed on the body Length: 25cm  

Oceanic Octopus jig Crab XL

Octopus jig with white weight tile and two built-in hooks. Length: 25cm

Oceanic Octopus jig Set

Octopus jig set Packing: 4 fish (nickel & plastic) Length: 1.20m

Oceanic Plastic fish

1,10 1,20 
9 cm long plastic white fish with or without a hook suitable for rigging our prakaroles and octopuses. Type: With hook & Without hook Color: White Length: 9cm

Oceanic Totonara

Totonara wired Length: 15cm Color: Inox

Octopus jig Crab

6,50 13,00 
Size: Νο.25 - small crab & Νο.40 - large crab

Yamashita Octapus Jig

11,00 16,00 
Octopus jig With 2 hooks With soft plastic crab Length: 13cm, 15cm, 17cm, 20cm