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Attach for Casting Reel

Length - Inner Diameter: 13.0cm - 22mm & 13.6cm - 18mm

Bait Needle

Needle with hole Dimensions: 10cm

Bait needle 3308

Perforated bait needle Thick, Sharp Dimensions: 18cm

Bait needle 3309

Perforated bait needle Thick Dimensions: 18cm, Φ1.0mm

Bait needle case

Dimensions: Φ10mm/ 25cm

Base for chemical light

Package: 2 pieces Size: Small, Medium, Large

Bell alert

0,30 0,50 
Single or double With chemical light reception

Brass head swivel hook for anglaise

Metallic Pack of 12 pieces Size: Medium

Buldo adapter for chemical light

Special rubber band to add chemical light to your buldo.

Buldo Lead Control

1,50 2,50 

Chemical Liquid Light (sialum) Medium – Large

0,50 0,90 
Medium: Length: 10cm, Diameter: 1cm Large: Length: 15cm, Diameter: 1.5cm Color: White, Yellow, Green Price per piece

Chemical Liquid Light (sialum) Small

Length: 3.9cm Diameter: 0.4cm Color: Yellow Available as a pair

Chemical Powder Light

0,60 0,80 
Length: 10cm & 15cm Cross section: 1 cm Color: Green Price per piece

Classic Float

0,40 1,00 
Classic float for use depending on the weight you choose. Weight: 2gr, 3gr, 5gr, 6gr, 12gr, 40gr, 50gr

Elastic rings

Size: 1/10-18mm & 2/16-25mm

Float B4

2,10 2,70 
Plastic - Sinking - Black Sinking rate 5gr Weight: 22gr, 27gr, 30gr, 40gr

Float BF1

Balsa Waggler float with plastic antenna with fixed weight. Weight:  2+2gr, 4+2gr, 6+2gr, 8+2gr, 10+2gr

Float BF12

Transparent Balsa waggler plastic antenna for night and bronze weights Weight: 8gr, 10gr

Float BF2

Balsa Waggler float with plastic antenna and 4.5mm phosphorescent edge. With a fixed weight. Weight: 4+4gr, 6+4gr, 8+4gr, 4+2gr, 6+2gr

Float BF200

Balsa float with transparent plastic antenna for light at night and fiberglass stem that includes torsion spring. Weight: 10gr, 12gr, 15gr

Float BF206

Balsa float with transparent plastic antenna Weight: 12gr, 15gr

Float BF210

2,80 4,00 
Foam body and phosphorescent antenna. Weight: 15gr, 18gr, 20gr, 25gr, 30gr, 35gr, 40gr

Float BF231

1,90 2,90 
Foam body and phosphorescent antenna. Weight: 10gr, 12gr, 15gr, 20gr, 25gr, 30gr