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Oceanic Line Net 280cm

Diameter: 280cm Mesh eye: 1.6cm Line: 0.30mm Weight: 5kg

Oceanic Side Protection

Fishing folding Side Protection It has a side net Dimensions: 100x100cm

Oceanic Trap

9,50 10,50 
Round folding trap Dimensions: 32x60cm, 32x90cm

Oceanic wire basket

7,50 10,50 
To place the fish as soon as they are caught Dimensions: 25x40cm, 33x50cm, 38x55cm

Oceanic Wire basket with foam

8,80 15,00 
Wire basket with foam lid Dimensions: Φ25 - Small, Φ33 - Medium, Φ38 - Large

Oceanic Wire trap

24,00 31,90 
Round folding wire trap Dimensions: Φ47, Φ53, Φ60, Φ65, Φ73

Robinson Fishing Net A1 Universal

8,00 10,00 
Folding fabric fish basket Length: 80cm & 120cm

Robinson Fishing Net A2

23,00 33,30 
Folding fabric fish basket Length: 200cm & 300cm

Robinson Fishing Net A4

Folding fabric fish basket Length: 150cm