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Bibi worm Small

Imported Bibi Price per item

Bobbit Worm

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Price per piece Size: Small, Medium, Large Effective bait for bream, sardines, millers, melanurias, beetles, figs and even larger predatory fish


Sand crab or "round shell". Bait which aims to large breams. We bait it whole and alive on a hook proportional to its size.


Ramses is a relatively new worm that looks very much like the pharaoh with the same efficiency but in smaller dimensions. This is a worm of 10-15cm with a hard head and body, with a soft tail. It has enough blood and phosphorus and its main body can withstand small bumps. Works on murmurs, sea bream and sargus-diplodus vulgaris, pagellus erythrinus as well as other Sparidae species. Price per piece