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325 Paracord / 15m

High strength cord made of 100% nylon Ideal as a clothesline, tent tensioner, shoelaces and many other uses Color: Navy Green

550 Paracord / 9m

Extremely high strength seven-strand cord made of 100% nylon Color: Reflective black

First Aid Kit

Small Fabric case Contains basic types of first aid

First Aid Kit large

Large Contains: 1. Alcoholic Gauze X 4 2. Scissors X 1 3. Plastic Tweezers X 1 4. Elastic Fabric Bandages X 8 5. Sterile Gauze X 5 6. Elastic Bandage X 1 7. Chewing gum X 1 8. Surgical Gloves X 1 pair 9. Sterile Bandage 7cm X 5 10. Sterile Bandage 5cm X 5 11. Triangular Bandage X2 12. Cotton swabs X 10

First Aid Set in a plastic case

Dimensions: 12.5 x 8.5 x 3 cm Contains basic first aid kits  

Fish & Fire kit

Size: 100x43x 24mm Length: 8.90cm, Width: 5.10cm, Height: 2.54cm Weight: 42.55gr Includes : 2.15m Paracord Flint Lighting Knife blade 10m of fishing line 2 Weights 2 Swivels 2 Corks 2 Hooks 2 Parmesan Needle 1.98m Wire Alcohol patch

Gruntline – Knitted cord for general use

Withstands up to 9Kg An essential survival tool Lightweight and small in size It stretches up to 210cm Hundreds of practical applications

Liquid Plastic Compass

Plastic body Liquid filling Phosphorescent magnetic needle

Loading belt

Length: 5m Width: 3.5cm With high-strength metal buckle

Magnesium Sparkler

Creates sparks by friction Magnesium stem: 80 x Ø 8 mm It works even when wet

Mini First Aid Roll-up Kit

Material: 600D Nylon Dimensions: 25.4 x 10.2 x 7.6cm (closed) Contains 72 pieces of First Aid items

Mini Medic First Aid Kit

61 Piece Kit that includes first aid kits Closure with Velcro MOLLE straps Durable nylon carrying case Three inside zipper pockets Bag material - 600D nylon Includes: 61 pieces Bandage: 1 "x3" (25 * 75mm) 50 QTY Bandage: 2.4 "x4" (6 * 10cm) 1 QTY Bandage: Knuckle 2 QTY Bandage: Butterfly 2 QTY Antiseptic wipes: 2 "x2" (5 * 5cm) 3 QTY Tweezers Tweezers: 4 ”(10cm) 1 QTY Trifold Pouch: 1 Dimensions (open): 13.35 x 35.5 x 0.65 mm Dimensions (closed): 13.35 x 11.5 x 3.75 mm Weight: full 4 oz

Mosquito repellent Candle with tablet

With double action 100% vegetable wax with lavender and citronella essential oils Accepts additional mosquito repellent tablet for enhanced action Duration: About 30 nights Covers an area of ​​20m² Effective both indoors and outdoors Greek product Color: Turquoise, Purple, Yellow


It marks your equipment so you can easily spot it in the dark! Charges quickly with sunlight or with artificial light source (lens, car headlights, etc.) Glows for up to 10 hours in the dark. No batteries, light bulbs or electricity - no maintenance required. The package contains a clip and a link for 2 Ni-Glo compound. Its dimensions are only 5 x 1.2 cm. It can be charged over and over again, whenever needed. Ready to use after just 10 minutes of exposure to light. You can hang it on anything you want to be visible in the dark. Color: Crystal Clear, Dragon Green, Orange Blaze, Panther Pink, Sour Lemon, Atomic Blue

Paper compass

With fluorescent base for night use

Paracord Survival Band

Dimensions: 3 x 28cm Material: 7-strand Yarn Includes: 2 fishing weights 2 bolts 0.76cm Paracord Sharpener 2 hooks 1 hose 55 x 0.35 cm 2 fishing swivels 1 line Lighting Alcoholic patch Flint 3.3 x 0.79cm 2 fishing cork

Paracord survival bracelet

With plastic clasp Width 1.9 cm Contains 20m of artani Strength: 180Kg  


Step counting (up to 99,999 steps) Distance indication in kilometers and miles Calorie indication Low battery consumption (operates with 1 1.5V battery) Automatic shutdown after 1 minute of inactivity to save battery