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Driven by our love for fishing, the beach and nature trips, we search and find for you the best products on the market at the most advantageous prices. Our products are designed and selected to meet the needs of the consumer, but also the peculiarities of the Greek countryside and the Mediterranean climate.

Our many years of experience enable us to offer complete maintenance and service for all our products and we are always willing and ready to provide any technical support our customers need.

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Water Sports Items

SUP boards, Kayak, floating aids, accessories etc.

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Live baits

Acrobat, American, Ribbon, Mana, Monodoli etc.

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Beach Products

Inflatables, toys, umbrellas, mats, swimming items etc.

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Reeds, mechanisms, artificial baits, fishing lines, hooks, etc.

We have carefully selected from the most reliable companies in the area, all kinds of fishing and diving of our store. In our fishing trips, we use and test the majority of our products, so that we can be sure when we suggest something to you.

We know very well that every fisherman has his own needs, requirements and expectations from his equipment, so here you will find tips and solutions for any fishing technique you follow.

Our goal is to share with you everything we know about the tools of your fishing technique as well as their use. Therefore, your visits may take a little longer than usual at a fishing tackle shop.

We invest in the ongoing training of our customers both in new techniques and in updates on environmental actions and good practices that we should follow in fishing. We aim at educating the new generation of fishermen who will be methodical, informed, well equipped and with a deep understanding and love for the sea.

And if you think we are exaggerating in what we say, just visit us…!


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In our e-shop you will find a wide range of products that cover a wide range of activities. Indicatively, you can choose between fishing, countryside, water sports, diving, camping and beach items.

For your best service, we provide you with flexibility in money transactions when purchasing our products. More specifically, you can choose between different payment methods (card payment, paypal, bank deposit and cash on delivery). Find detailed information on available payment methods here.

Regarding the delivery of orders, they can be made upon receipt from our store or through receipt at your place. Find detailed information on available shipping / receiving methods here.