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Oceanic Adalina 420

Dynamic Inglese rod HMC Carbon Category: Match fishing, Anglaise Lenght: 4,20m Lenght closed: 1,12m Sections: TELE Weight: 218gr Casting weight: 5-25gr

Oceanic Anglaise Salt 430

For the Inglese technique 3 section, parabolic HMC carbon Single support Sea Guide guides Category: Match fishing, Inglese Length: 4,20m Length closed: 1,47m Sections: 3 Weight: 180gr Casting weight: 8-25gr

Oceanic Dynamic 420

3 section Match rod Carbon HM40 Category: Match fishing Length: 4,20m Length closed: 1,46m Sections: 3 Weight: 160gr Casting weight: 3-18gr

Oceanic Passion 420

Telescopic rod for Inglese technique HMC carbon Category: Match fishing, Inglese Lenght: 4,20m Lenght closed: 1,11m Sections: TELE Weight: 180gr Casting weight: 6-22gr

Robinson Carbonic Bolognese 400

Category: Bolognese, Anglaise Length: 4.00m Length closed: 1.15m Sections: TELE Weight: 232gr Casting Weight: 10-20gr

Robinson Carbonic Match 390

Category: Anglaise Length: 3.90m Length closed: 1.37m Executives: 3 Weight: 310gr Casting Weight: 8-20gr

Robinson Good Fish Mirage Bolognese

29,00 57,00 
Ideal for starters in Bolognese technique Category: Bolognese Length: 4.00m, 5.00m, 6.00m, 7.00m Sections: TELE Casting weight: 10-30gr

Robinson Kinetic Match 420

Category: Inglese Lenght: 4.20m Lenght closed: 1.46m Sections: 3 Weight: 190gr Casting weight: 10-30gr

Robinson Stinger Match 420

High Modulus Carbon Category: Match Fishing, Inglese Lenght: 4.20m Lenght closed: 1.47m Sections: 3 Weight: 165gr Casting weight: 10-25gr

Robinson VDE-R Bolognese SX

63,00 99,50 
HMC carbon Strong and light Category: Match Fishing, Bolognese Length: 4.00m, 5.00m, 6.00m & 7.00m Length closed: 1.38m, 1.40m, 1.42m & 1.44m Sections: TELE Weight: 147gr, 200gr, 289gr & 411gr

Robinson VDE-R Tele Match

High Modulus Carbon MX-2 Category: Match Fishing, Inglese Lenght: 4.20m Lenght closed: 1.32m Sections: TELE Weight: 210gr Casting weight: 8-20gr

Robinson VDE-Team Nano Core SX3 Match 420

Category: Anglaise Fast action HMC carbon Length: 4.20m Length closed: 1.45m Sections: 3 Weight: 240gr Casting Weight: 5-20gr