We have many years of experience in the maintenance and repair of fishing, beach and camping equipment. We provide the following services in all relevant products, regardless of manufacturer and point of purchase. Contact us for a relevant offer.

Wanting to be always by our customers’ side, we provide free repair and maintenance services for all products purchased from our online or physical store. The free services include all the work as well as the specialized materials that each equipment needs. You are only charged the cost of any spare parts and shipping costs, if any.

In our store, we offer the following services:

Repairs – Reconstructions of Fishing Rods

Whatever has happened to your rod, we have the know-how and the spare parts to repair it. We undertake to replace worn guides and mechanism bases and repair broken stems and handles.

Repairs – Maintenance of Fishing Mechanisms

We undertake to thoroughly inspect each part of your mechanism, to see all the points where there is corrosion and to clean or replace them. All parts of the mechanism that need lubrication are lubricated with the appropriate materials.

Repairs – Maintenance of Snorkels

Trust us to repair and maintain your weapon. Checking each part, we proceed to the cleaning and lubrication of the parts of the mechanism that have this need. We also have the ability to make lace-up tires for your snorkel, according to your needs and requirements.

Repairs on SUP Boards, Inflatables and Neorpene Uniforms

We undertake to repair any problem with your SUP board or inflatable such as patches, valves, etc. We can repair damage to neoprene suits such as tears, etc.

Tent Repairs

We undertake to repair problems that may arise in your tent or tent such as vanes, band tires, poles, patches, etc.