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COSTA umbrella

Diameter: 200cm Radii: 10 type "U" + 4.2mm Fabric: Polyester Oxford 120gr / m2 painted - waterproof, Silver sunscreen outside Mast: Φ32mm aluminum With 5 loops for tensioner in case of wind With air duct With a break In oxford case Includes fastening ropes and plastic pegs Color: Blue, Ecru, Orange, Lime

COTTON umbrella

Diameter: 200cm Radii: 8 type "U" + 4.2mm Fabric: Cotton 260gr / m2 Web: Ø28 / 32mm With air duct With fracture and extra support fire In a fabric case Color: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Lime

DOUBLE RIB umbrella

Diameter: 240cm Rays: 16 (8 double) x 4mm Fabric: 420D Polyester Oxford with silver and UV +30 dye Web: Φ28 / 32 In Polyester case Extremely wind resistant

Iris plus umbrella

Diameter: 200cm Rays 8 Polyester fabric 180gr / m2 Mast Φ28 / 32mm With a break With air duct In Polyester case Color: Orange, Lime

IRIS umbrella

Diameter: 200cm Rays: 10 Fabric: Polyester 180gr / m2 Web: Ø28 / 32mm With a break In a polyester case Color: Blue, Orange, Ecru

ISOLA umbrella

Diameter: 200cm Radii: 6 elliptical (profile) Fabric: Polyester 180gr / m2 painted - waterproof Web: Ø32mm With air duct In a polyester case Color: Blue, Ecru

MARE umbrella

Diameter: 200cm Rays: 8 type "U" Fabric: Polyester 180gr / m2 double dye Web: Ø28 / 32mm With air duct With a break In a polyester case Color: Blue, Ecru, Orange, Lime

Nylon Silver Umbrella

Diameter: 180cm Rays: 8 Fabric: Nylon Silver sunscreen Tissue: ø22 / 25mm With a break In PVC case Color: Blue, Turquoise, Blue-Red

SABBIA Fiberglass umbrella

Diameter: 200cm Rays: 8, 5mm thick fiberglass Polyester fabric 160gr / m2 UV protection + 50 Web: Ø27 / 30mm Breaking In Polyester case Color: Ecru, Blue

Screwed Umbrella Table

Dimensions: 40 x 26.3 cm Suitable for tissues Ø19 to Ø50mm With two cup holders

TNT 200 umbrella

Diameter: 200cm Rays: 8 Fabric: TNT Tissue: ø22 / 25mm With a break In PVC case Color: Striped Flowers, Printed, Striped Multicolored Small, Striped Multicolored Large

Umbrella BAHAMAS I

Dimensions: 160 x 160 cm Rays: 4 type "U" Polyester fabric 180gr / m2 UV protection + 60 Web: Ø32 / 32mm Without breaking In Polyester case Color: Blue, Ecru

Umbrella base

Plastic Screwdriver Heavy type

Umbrella base

Plastic Screw - single thread

Umbrella table

Dimensions: 43 x 43cm With 4 cup holders Suitable for tissues up to Φ40mm Material: Plastic PP

Utopia Beach Umbrella

Diameter: 225cm Rays: 8 from fiberglass 6mm Fabric: Nylon 75gr / m2, with double dyeing Silver exterior & waterproofing Mast: Φ28 / 32mm aluminum With a large airway With a break In nylon case UV +80

Water umbrella base

Plastic Capacity: 25L Dimensions: 44 x 44 x 9.5 cm